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Epic Name field is empty when exporting issues to Excel CSV format



      Update - Apr 6th 2019

      Hi everyone,

      This is indeed not a bug but an expected behavior. The reason is:

      • Epic Name is specific to Epic issue type
      • Epic Link is used by other issue types to link to an Epic issue type

      So basically:

      • An Epic has Epic Name but no Epic Link
      • Other issue types can have an Epic Link but can never have an Epic Name - this is the reason why the Epic Name column is empty for non-Epic issue types

      Please refer to JSWSERVER-15878 for more details and watch it for a more suitable solution.

      Original Description


      When exporting issues that are part of an Epic using the Excel CSV export option, the Epic Name field is not exported at all

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an Epic
      2. Create several new issues under this new Epic
      3. Export the issues to Excel CSV

      Expected Results

      Issues should be exported with the Epic Name being displayed

      Actual Results

      The Epic Name column is completely empty


      No workaround


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