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On boards, have ability to choose: open View Issue screen, not Issue Detail View, from card link



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      I've found a number of JIRAs about the Issue Detail View. I think some of the frustration I read in the comments on them is because people are experiencing what we are experiencing and the request to address this is getting confused with other issues with the Issue Detail View.

      We don't use/need Issue Detail View. When we click on a card, we want to see the View Issue screen. As is today, clicking on the card or link on card, goes to Issue Detail View. Then we have to click on link there to get to View Issue screen. This is an extra step that we have to do hundreds of times a day.

      The current board option "Hide detail view / Show detail view" opens and closes the Issue Detail View side panel, but it doesn't turn on and off the Issue Detail View. Enable it to be turned off so people who don't use it don't have to hop through it to get to the Issue View they do use. The ability to get to the View Issue screen with ctrl+click in another tab doesn't help because it's still another step to the View Issue screen.

      From clicking on issues from filter results, we're trained to expect issue keys to take us to the View Issue screen. We want that behavior to be consistent every time we click on an issue key. If someone doesn't like/use the Issue Detail View, getting sent there is very annoying.

      What if clicking on the card, opens Issue Detail View, and clicking on the issue key, as it does everywhere else, opens the View Issue screen.

      • Good GUI uses consistent behavior
      • The issue keys, as they do across Atlassian products, go to the View Issue screen
      • The card, as a feature of Agile Boards, goes to the Issue Detail View, a view which also is a feature of Agile Boards


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