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Moving Jira issues to a new project will automatically delete closed/completed sprints from the Sprints field


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    • 9.6.0
    • 8.8.0, 8.13.3, 8.17.0
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      When moving a Jira issue from one project to another project, any completed Sprint that is in the Sprints field will be automatically deleted from the issue.

      This bug happens regardless of the way the issue is moved:

      • It happens if the issue is moved from the issue view screen (using the option More > Move)
      • If also happens when bulk moving multiple issues to a new project, from the issue search page

      The closed sprint will also be removed from the field if the issue is moved to another project from the MoreMove option.

      Note that the bug will not happen if the user is not allowed to edit the moved issues in the target project (more information about that in the notes section below).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create 2 project A and B
      2. Login as a user who is granted all the basic permissions (Edit issues, Move issues, Manage Sprints...) in both projects
      3. Create a sprint
      4. Create an issue and add it to the sprint
      5. Close the sprint and move open issues to backlog
      6. Open the issue in the issue view screen
      7. Click on the button More > Move, and move the issue to a new project

      Expected Results

      The closed sprint should not be deleted from the Sprints field.

      Actual Results

      The closed sprint is automatically deleted from the Sprints field.

      When checking the history, we can see that this deletion happened automatically right after the move was completed, on behalf of the user who executed the move:


      Suggestion 1

      Make sure that the Sprint is active (or re-open it if it's already closed), before moving issues to a new project

      Suggestion 2

      If the Jira issues have already been moved and the completed Sprints were deleted, then you can re-add the completed Sprints to these issues either by using the CSV import functionality, or by using the bulk edit issue functionality,


      Situation(s) where the bug does not occur

      The bug will only occur if the user moving issues is allowed to edit issue in the target project. For example, in the 2 scenarios below, the bug will not occur, meaning that the completed sprints will not be removed from the Sprints field:

      • Scenario 1: the user is not granted the Edit Issues permission in the target project
      • Scenario 2: the user is not allowed to the edit the issue because of one of the status in a workflow that belongs to the target project is configured with the property jira.issue.editable set to false, and after the issue is moved, the issue lands in that status

      Another impact of the bug

      The Velocity Report loses the team velocity history

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