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Enhance Quick Filter display and capabilities



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      Where I have a need for 3 separate quick filters, all variants on status, I have buttons for "Resolved and Closed" "Closed" and "Resolved not Closed" for instance.
      These could far more logically be presented as a set of choices in a drop down, with the addition of "Not applied" or "None" etc. Each choice would simply be a different quick filter definition and description. This would also ensure the control was actually displaying the state being applied, rather than the current, somewhat confusing highlighting where the single description can lead to misinterpretation.
      By extension the control would need a descriptive title as well.
      One could envisage 3 customers being important for now, so a 'Customer' title control would have 'All', 'Cust1','Cust2','Cust5' for instance relating to 3 separate, very similar quick filter queries.
      This would significantly reduce clutter, and would even help with single On Off type quick filters, where description would change.
      An advantage of this approach is not having to link the quick filters to lookup selectors, and additionally, the drop down could even use very dissimilar quick filters at the same time if required.


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