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Do not include fixversions that aren't relevant to the filter


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      As a product owner that manages a team that works on a variety of projects at one time,
      I want only the fixversions that are associated with the issues that I have included in my filter to display in the versions column of the scrum board
      To reduce the amount of noise and scrolling required to work with the board and our team's backlog.

      Right now, we have teams that work on issues that may cross 3-5 different projects, even more. We create a scrum board based on labels that identify the team.

      However, the board displays every unarchived version associated with every project that the filter's query is associated with. And, it's not clear, without expanding each version, which have issues associated it.

      The versions functionality should be consistent with the epics in that only those epics that meet the filter criteria appear on the board - not every epic associated with the project that the filter is associated with.

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