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As a JIRA Agile user I would like to filter the cards displayed in the Backlog by component so that I have at least as much functionality as I have on the Classic Boards



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      To help manage a large backlog and select relevant issues to go into a sprint I want to be able to quickly and dynamically filter the view of cards on the planning board by clicking on the name of any of the available Components in my project.

      The way the Classic Boards does this is excellent. You have transposed and provided this quick filter functionality for Versions and Epics with the left-hand filter panels, so it would be appreciated it the same could be done for Components.

      An alternative, (albeit less user-friendly) would be to provide a JQL box alongside the quick filters which allows dynamic filters to be crated on the fly (component = "Widget-33").

      The same filtering ability would also be useful in Work mode as well as Plan mode.

      Once this is in place we have no more barriers to using the new rapid boards and can move off the (still excellent) Classic Boards.


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