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Need to view hours/work assigned per user when planning a sprint


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      As a manager planning what work to move from the backlog to the sprint, and also in assigning issues to individuals, I really need an at a glance view of how many hour/story points have been assigned to each user in the currently planned sprint. As is, we are guessing or having to manually switch to view a user one at a time to see how much is assigned to them. This does not scale.

      A reasonably easy solution would be to add an expandable left panel to the view that shows all the users and the total hours/points assigned to them in the being-planned sprint.

      I found a very old issue that seemed to indicate that a feature like this existed once upon a time, but I can find no mention or way to use it in the current version. https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/GHS-507


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