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Add the ability to create multiple Epic issue type in JIRA Software



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      In current implementation of Jira Software, a single Epic can support multiple projects as needed. This means that only a single Epic issue type is used for all boards available by default. And due to this configurations, users are not able to create a new Epic issue type, and have different boards to use different Epic.

      It will be great if GreenHopper allows users to create multiple Epic issue type, and configure the available boards to use specific Epic issue type as required.

      Sample use case:

      In our (and most likely other users) case we have a combination of hardware and software projects. The two project streams are loosely coupled. For the hardware side, the use of the word "Epic" would not feel really natural. Example: 2 Volts power rise within 10 nanoseconds is not an "Epic", it is a "Feature". On the other hand the software that drives the instrument can use the "Epic" terminology. Example: "Device drivers support power-on sequence and self-test of high-speed power card".

      Therefore I think it would be great if one could specify per configured board (Kanban or Scrum) which issue type should be considered the "Top Level Hierarchy".


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