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Ability to set column constraints separately for each column (and by other fields, not just item count)



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      Our work items may have different "weight" depending on the column they're in. For example, we have a work item type that is very easy for development (1/10 the dev work that other items are) but is the same work for QA and Operations as other work items. We've found the best way to do that is to be able to configure the column constraints differently for each column, based on a separate field (such as Story Points, or Work Item Weight, or whatever). So we want to configure one column for a constraint of 3 "Work Item Weights" but the next column for a constraint of 5 items. We can do this today in that old fashioned task board, but were disappointed to find it unavailable in the newfangled Rapid Board. We're stuck using both, for different things (sigh).


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