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Check marks in markdown


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      As a Jira user I should be able to manage a simple checklist for a task, so that I can organise my own work without the overkill of opening n sub-tasks and assigning them to myself or installing a Jira plugin.

      In the old Jira issue view the markdown parser includes support for check marks  and   These gave an instant visual queue to the progress of a task of many steps without the bloat of managing sub-tasks.

      These do not work in the new Issue navigator and are rendered as plain text . There is no alternative documented in the new markdown documentation.

      Please add this to the new markdown parser as it enables users to continue making use of an existing feature.

      My use case is a task setting up new employees:

       Jira and Confluence accounts
       Support Desk access
       Bitbucket team invite
       Google Apps for Business
       Google mail group Developers, Office and Tech.Support
      () Workstation "offline account"
       Paysol Toolbox
       appogee Leave2 account for HR
      () Office Skype chat
       Invite to Slack group
      () Physical access to office
       LDAP account
       Add Nexus role
       Jenkins dev permissions
       Read only access to DB
       Welcome email sent with passwords and instructions 

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