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Agile Boards containing multiple active Sprints lead to inaccurate information in Release Burndown and Epic Burndown reportss





      • In the Release Burndown report, if the "Active" period of two or more sprints that contain issues under a given Version overlap, all issues will be displayed under one single, latest sprint.
      • Having multiple overlapping Sprints on a single Agile board can happen if:
        • "Parallel Sprints" is enabled;
        • The board contains issues from other boards;

      This issue also affects Epic Burndown.

      Steps to Reproduce

      With "Parallel Sprints" enabled
      1. Enable "Parallel Sprints", as described here;
      2. Create a project;
      3. Create a version under that project;
      4. Create a board with all issues from the project;
      5. Create two or more Sprints, associating one or more issues of the board per Sprint;
      6. Estimate all issues and set the created version as "Fix Version" of the issues;
      7. Start all created Sprints;
      8. Close one or more issues in each Sprint;
      9. Complete all Sprints;

      Starting Multiple Active Sprints without 'Parallel Sprints'

      1. Have an existing board (Board 1) with a filter showing: "project = SSP ORDER BY Rank ASC"
      2. Create a second board (Board 2) with a filter covering just a limited set of issues in the SSP project: "issue in (SSP-1,SSP-2) ORDER BY Rank ASC"
      3. Now start a Sprint in Board 1, then Board 2
      4. Refresh Board 1, notice that there are two active Sprints showing

      Expected Result

      • Release Burndown report will show list of issue respectively to its own sprint

      Actual Result

      • Release Burndown report shows all the issues under the Sprint last closed.


      If due to Parallel Sprints
      • Avoid using parallel sprint as this is still under Labs which is not stabile and to be supported


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