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Jira Company-managed Board Horizontal Scrolling



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      Atlassian status as of October 2021

      Hello all,

      Earlier in September 2021 we released an implementation of this Suggestion to a cohort of users as an experiment. After overwhelming feedback on this ticket and through other channels we decided to roll back this implementation. While the feature alleviated pain for some customers, it unfortunately did not meet customer expectations.

      We will be exploring different solutions and will keep you updated. Thank you everyone for your ongoing feedback and patience.

      We understand that some of you may still be interested in using the earlier implementation. As a result, for a limited time, we will be offering customers the ability to opt in and trial the initial implementation.

      Before opting in please consider how this will impact you:

      • The experience will mirror that of Classic Projects in Jira Software Server - there is no configurability / toggle
      • Once active this will be enabled across your entire Jira Software site and will impact all users
      • Eventually this implementation will be replaced with an updated experience, so this opt-in will only be temporary, and the change of experience may occur without advanced notice

      If you are a site admin and want to opt in, please submit your details on this form

      We will only consider requests made by a site admin due to the impact it will have on all users.

      Kind regards,


      Jira Software


      Currently kanban columns are auto-sized to fit to screen and when using a small screen, the size of the columns makes them completely unusable.


      As an agile project manager, it is desirable to have horizontal scrolling available on kanban boards.
      It would also be desirable to have some minimum width after which a scroll bar will appears to allow side scrolling.

      Create a configuration to toggle this feature ON and OFF.


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