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Ability to re-order KB articles in Jira Service Desk



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      To my knowledge the order of appearance for KB articles in Service Desk/Service Management depends on the age of the articles, usage of buzz words in titles and texts itself as well as incoming/outgoing links. Currently there's no way to influence/change it (apart of the create/edit date).

      Let’s assume there’s a Service Desk portal (running on Jira Server or DC) and there’s a bunch of briefing (KB) articles containing service descriptions (in German: “Steckbrief Service XY”). Those articles have been created most recently but shall not appear at the top of the result list within the SD portal. Nonetheless they should be available. 

      It would be very helpful to be able to change that manually since the Service Desk's operator may need to decide what articles the customers potentially should read first. For example: 

      A customer is searching for WLAN. He's expecting to read an article about how to set up or how to troubleshoot rather than reading service descriptions where the buzz word "WLAN" does occur (which is a lot of times in a lot of articles).

      I was wondering if we can influence the order therefore I suggest to implement a solution which enables a project administrator and/or Service Management agent to do so.

      As stated in a related suggestion for Cloud (see JSDCLOUD-9639), it is important for us to be able to sort our articles.




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