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Edited Customers' comment cannot be saved as Public


      Issue Summary

      As an Agent, when editing a Customer's comment, agent can click on 'Share with customer' to save the changes and make the comment Public, as it originally is. However, the saved comment will be saved as Internal, hence not visible in the Customer Portal.

      This has been observed in JSD 4.7.0 & 4.7.1.
      Bug started in 4.5.4 (8.5.4)

      Note: This doesn't affect Agents' Public comments

      Steps to Reproduce

      Use a Service Desk project with default Permission Scheme, specifically the Browse project permission

      1. As a Customer, leave a comment in a Request via Customer Portal
      2. As an Agent, access the Request via Jira
      3. Edit the Customer's comment and click 'Share with customer'
      4. The saved comment will be Internal, not Public

      Expected Results

      Clicking 'Share with customer' will save the comment and share to Public

      Actual Results

      Saved comment is Internal


      Granting the Customers the Browse projects permission, (on top of the default 'Service desk customer - portal access'). This can be granted via single user, roles or groups. Once granted, Customers' comments can be edited and shared publicly by Agents as usual.

      Doing so will grant the Customers permissions to access the Project via Jira and see all the Issues should they have Application Access. If they don't, this Workaround should work similarly like Service Desk as expected.

      If the Workaround is applied and the Customers have Application Access, it is possible to restrict the Tickets to only the Reporters and Assignee via Issue Security Scheme. Below are the suggested actions to take:

      1. Go to Administration > Issues > Issue Security Scheme. Click 'Add issue security scheme'.
      2. In the newly added Issue Security Scheme, click 'Security Levels'. Add a Security Level (e.g.: Level 1).
      3. In the newly added Security Level, click 'Default'
        • This is to set this Security Level as the default when Requests are created in Projects using this Issue Security Scheme
      4. Then click 'Add'. Add 'Reporter' and 'Project Role: Service Desk Team' into the Security Level.
        • This would mean only the Reporter and members of Service Desk Team Project Role would be able to access Requests restricted with this Security Level
      5. Go to the Service Desk Project, Project Settings > Issue Security. Click 'Actions > Select a scheme', then choose the created Issue Security Level.

      Now newly created Requests would only be accessible by the Reporter and Service Desk Team Project Role (Agents) despite being shared to the Organization.

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