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Error when disabling account creation emails



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    • 3.10.4, 3.11.4, 3.12.2
    • 3.10.0, 3.10.1, 3.10.2, 3.10.3, 3.11.0, 3.11.1, 3.11.2, 3.12.0, 3.12.1
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      Note that multiple projects could be affected by this issue, so you might have to apply the same workaround to multiple projects:

      Ensure to make a backup of DB before making any changes to it.
      Shutdown JIRA.
      Run the following query in the database to determine if there is any duplicate rows corresponding to the warning message:


      Let's assume that you got duplicate rows for a given pservice desk ID, as shown in the screenshot below (in this case, the project ID is 1):

      The resolution consists in removing all the duplicate rows with the highest ID. In the example below, there are 2 duplicate rows for the service desk id 1 with the IDs 52 and 53, so the 2 rows below need to be deleted. If you see duplicate rows for other projects, please delete them as well. Note that the query below only applies to the example provided above. The IDs will likely be different in your instance.

       delete from "AO_54307E_CAPABILITY" where "ID" = '52'
       delete from "AO_54307E_CAPABILITY" where "ID" = '53' 

      Start up JIRA and verify.



      i'm having a problem where the "do not send account verification emails" toggle will not stay checked "green"

      as it stands, this means i can't actually disable the invite confirmation emails

      we're running an eval of Jira software and core 7.7.2, and service desk 3.10.2, currently just on the h2 db

      if i pull up google chrome's javascript console and click the toggle, the following is shown:

      POST [https://jira.MY.FQDN/rest/servicedesk/notifications/1/customerinvite/34|https://jira.my.fqdn/rest/servicedesk/notifications/1/customerinvite/34] 409 ()
       XMLHttpRequest.send @ batch.js?agile_globa…erational=true:7006
       send @ batch.js:200
       ajax @ batch.js:194
       value @ context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1
       value @ context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1
       update @ context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1
       value @ context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1
       change #js-suppress-customer-invite-email @ context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1
       dispatch @ batch.js:107
       h @ batch.js:99
      Uncaught TypeError: t.forEach is not a function
       at Object.<anonymous> (context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1)
       at j (batch.js:63)
       at Object.fireWith (batch.js:64)
       at Object.fire [as reject] (batch.js:64)
       at Object.<anonymous> (context-sd.admin.out…6.js?locale=en-US:1)
       at j (batch.js:63)
       at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (batch.js:64)
       at d (batch.js:189)
       at XMLHttpRequest.b (batch.js:201)
       has anyone else had this issue or similar?

      edit: maybe i should note, this is running behind nginx for https


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