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Indicate in JSD when customer is in Crowd and has no permission to authenticate



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      Current Behavior:

      JIRA can be connected to Crowd and customers may appear in the Crowd directory. Crowd allows the admin to select from the following:

      • Allow all to authenticate
      • Allow only members of configured groups to authenticate

      Regardless of the selection all users in the directory will appear in JIRA's list of users. When JSD is set to allow anyone with an account these users will also appear in the customer list on JSD projects.

      Can cause problems for JSD admins when this is set to allow only configured groups.

      • Users who appear in the customer lists are believed to be able to log into the customer portal.
      • In reality these users are not able to log in because they do not have permission to authenticate in Crowd.
      • JSD Admin does not expect that these users need to be added to any group. Does not see any indication that the users are unable to log in.

      Suggested Change
      Add indicator to customer list that will show if a user is not able to authenticate.


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