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Service Desk customer notification audit



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      Background and reason for this suggestion

      Currently, JIRA Service Desk provides a history for incoming emails processed but it doesn't show the history of generated customer notifications.

      Up until now, I have encountered two bugs which caused Service Desk customer notifications not going out. These were JRASERVER-64325 and JSDSERVER-5273.

      To prevent them to happen I have created a non-JIRA dashboard which queries the database directly and shows me troublesome database entries. This is sufficient for issues I am aware of, but if any new type of problem occurs, I will not notice it until my customers report it to me.

      The essence of this suggestion

      I propose a _ new feature of _JIRA Service Desk customer notification audit,  where admins could see the frequency of outgoing customer emails and maybe even, set alarm rules for situations when no customer notification is generated for the whole day.

      If such alarms existed, any JIRA Service Desk manager would know about issues with customer emails after one day instead of three (or more).


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