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Linking & syncing - automated sync of updates from linked issue, e.g. when issue is cloned


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      Suggested improvements

      • It is a common case that a service desk ticket is linked to another JIRA Issue (bug) where the customer has no access. In such situation, updates on the bug cannot be seen by customers and it requires manual work from service desk agent to copy updates from the linked JIRA Issue (bug) to the customer facing service desk ticket. At the moment, it is only possible to make an automation of Update when a linked issue changes. The automation can transition the service desk ticket to a certain status but not sync any updates. Allow an automation of syncing updates from the linked issue to the service desk ticket. A rule to check which updates from the linked issue is meant for customer communication would also help.
      • New Automation trigger for "When issue is cloned" - This is similar to JIRAAUTOSERVER-16. The user wants to create an automation that applies an issue link automatically when the issue is cloned (apply to the clone and the cloned issue). Sp far, there is no trigger using "clone" as option. 

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