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Adding attachment by copying the link from Agent view is not visible to the Customer




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding bug report.

      Based on this documentation, it shows that it's possible to add attachment by copying the link from Agent view:

      To ensure that the customer sees the attachment, right click on the attachment to copy link address and paste the link into a comment surrounded by square brackets as follows: [description of attachment|attachment link]. Click preview to confirm the attachment link has copied correctly:

      When users copy the link, the URL will be https://<instance-name>/secure/attachment/10200/test.pdf instead of https://<instance-name>/servicedesk/customershim/secure/attachment/10200/10200_test.pdf. Since Customer does not have access to JIRA, the attachment can't be accessed.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Customer create a new issue
      2. Agent adds an attachment and right click to copy the attachment link
      3. The URL will be https://<instance-name>/secure/attachment/10200/test.pdf
      4. Agent adds the attachment using this format[description of attachment|attachment link]

      Expected Result:

      • Customer should be able to access it without having JIRA application access

      Current Result:

      • Customer is not able to access it


      • Use this format [ ^description.ext ] to add the attachment
      • The workaround above no longer works as even when linking the files in the chat; the file is pointing to https://<instance-name>/secure/attachment/10200/test.pdf (JIRA) and no longer point to Service Desk. For now if the customer wants to directly access the attachments; the agent have to manually provide the Service Desk URL instead; which is https://<instance-name>/servicedesk/customershim/secure/attachment/<ATTACHMENT_ID>/<ATTACHMENT_ID>_<FILE_NAME>


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