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JQL query in SLA threshold breached trigger can often timeout




      Product Update - 9th Nov 2022
      Hi folks,
      This request has been prioritised and would soon be picked up by our development team. Once we have a timeline, I'll update it here.
      If you are facing difficulty setting up SLAs (due to limits, conditions, goals etc.) and would be interested in talking to product team and provide feedback, you can book a slot using this link.

      Issue Summary

      The SLA trigger can often timeout when performing a JQL query to see which issues had past the given threshold. This prints the error SocketException: Socket closed to the audit log (Besides the error 'SocketException: Socket closed' the audit log can also print the errors: 'Service Unavailable' and 'Internal server error').

      • Current implementation relies on polling - product teams should look at using native events instead to improve reliability
      • Attempting to retry queries in the case of timeout to minimise errors might be a short term option

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Ensure that the test site has a lot of data/issues/projects
      2. Configure an automation rule with a SLA threshold breached trigger - allow the rule to run

      Expected Results

      • Rule runs without issues

      Actual Results

      • Rule randomly fails with "SocketException: Socket closed"(or similar) message
      • The rule query fails due to timeout


      • Use the legacy automation rules - "SLA time remaining" trigger can be used:


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