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Add "Reporter Group" Permission



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      I am currently evaluating Jira and it is the last point to confirm if our company will purchase it.... I would like the permission model supports "Reporter's Group". See the following examples will explain the reason why it is very helpful:

      1) We have several products, e.g Product1, Product2 ....
      Each product has its own component, version & release note
      2) We support several dealers worldwide, e.g. Dealer1, Dealer2, ....
      Each dealer is a "User Group" associating with a set of logins
      4) We have a central support team for all dealers
      5) However, it is critical that dealer should see ONLY his issues but not other dealers' issues

      So, I will setup project like
      Product 1 Support Area (with all component, version, release note setup properly)
      Product 2 Support Area
      However, the above cannot be achieved because there is no "Reporter's Group" permission for viewing the project

      Because of the limitation, I need to create many project like:
      Product 1 Support Area for Dealer 1
      Product 1 Support Area for Dealer 2
      Product 2 Support Area for Dealer 1
      Product 2 Support Area for Dealer 2

      And I need to duplicate all component, version & release note info into many projects. Also, the issue finder will be more difficult to use.

      In fact, most IT companies have the similar workflow that they have several products & dealers .... but because of the sensivity of sales issues (some business deals cannot be seen by other dealers), all issues should be private to dealer group only. I wish Jira will support this. Many many thks.


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