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Filter Subscription Sending Period Should be managed


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      Filter subscription is a good tool to remind everyone what's about their tasks (as reporter, as assignee).
      As long as it is used effectively, it helps greatly to (kind of) escalate everyones responsibilities to their own attention.
      But there is a minor problem: it begins to be used effectlvely, but it demands capacity...
      So, it would be very much effective if there is a possibility to arrange the sending time of filter results.
      Currently, the time the subscription is done, filter's sending period becomes fixed, and we can't encourage people to perform their subscription during the off-time, (aka, after 9:00 PM for example)

      I know it may sound absurd: there is always the possibility to extend the capacity of the Jira server, but nevertheless, we do believe that filters' results sendign operation should be done during the off-time (relatively less occupied time zone, I mean).
      So, the subscriber should have the possibility to fix himself the sending period to Jira's less occupied time zone intervals...

      Anyway, not a big problem, but may help to ourselves and others...

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