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Static logout URL in IDP initiated SLO



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      Customer would like to have a static logout URL that could be requested to Jira to logout, initiated from IDP to perform SLO. At present, logout url is dynamic which consist of atl_token i.e xsrf token and thus it cannot be added/configured in IDP unlike confluence where logout url is static.

      • In order to implement a proper SSO logout across all applications where the user is logged in, the IdP has the list of the "Logout URIs" for those applications.
      • When the user logs out from one application, the IdP performs a set of callbacks and logs out the user from each of the applications.
      • The Logout URI for Confluence is rather static: "/confluence/logout.action" and it can be configured in the IdP.
      • The Logout URI for Jira is unfortunately dynamic: "/jira/logout?atl_token=....", where the atl_token is specific for the current session. This dynamic URL cannot be configured as Logout URI in the IdP and hence a SSO Logout across all applications cannot be achieved.


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