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Fix "gathering interest" issues assigned to inactive users



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      Many administrators are complaining about the problems that gives to us athlassian products when the same person is managing different email aliases, our employers change their domain (due to business matters) or any other reason that results of changing or managing multiples email aliases for the same person.

      We really need this issues to be addressed and resolved ASAP:

      • ID-240 it's still "Gathering interest" for 16 years and assigned to Tom Gilbert (Inactive user)
      • ID-101 maybe in 2004 was not very common to have multiple email addresses per person, nowadays is different.
      • JRASERVER-3132 this is very important to be able to clean our user databases and to give access to our customers and employers access to all their past issues when they change their email aliases
      • ...

      There are many of issues where asking for this to be resolved. Hundreds of votes, watchers and comments... just wasting time. Many of us are managing unlimited Jira installations and we are really upset about waiting this really needed and demanded solutions.

      I don't know if creating this issue is the best way to address this. Is there any complain form anywhere in your web?



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