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Add support for tracking third parties



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      When tracking issues from multiple third-parties, it would be very helpful if JIRA could track which third-party each user belonged to. With this information there is a lot that could be done:

      • provide security so that third-party users have more privileges on issues from their own company
      • extend the search interface so that users can simply search all of their own issues
      • similarly these users can now create useful filters such as 'my company's open issue'

      Ideally this company/third-party information would be collected in a secure way so that it can be relied upon.

      • require the user provide an email from the company's domain, and then verify it
      • require an administrative user from each company so that they can add and remove users

      I realize that some of this could be done as custom fields and workflows, but it would make sense to me for this to be a core part of the product. For example, on jira.atlassian.com, I'd love to be able to write filters such as "my company's unresolved issues". I also would really like to be able to edit issues created by my co-workers, and to remove ex-employees or reassign their issues to someone else.


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