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JIRA Datacenter - Add Cluster lock status page which doesn't use locks


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      Problem Definition

      In some situations JIRA DC have stale/lost cluster lock. Normally you can check this by navigating to Cluster Locks check [ System > Support Tools > Instance health > Cluster Locks ]. Problem that JIRA Admin space (mentioned check is under that space) uses lock com.atlassian.jira.config.DefaultReindexMessageManager.messageLock, so if it's lost, than it's impossible to check the locks.

      Suggested Solution

      Create separate Cluster Status space which:

      • will not use any lock to access it
      • will show all current Cluster locks with following data:
        • Lock name - Node - Age
      • (Advanced) will be able to break/steal Cluster lock


      Check DB table clusterlockstatus:

      select * from clusterlockstatus where locked_by_node is not NULL;

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