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Improve How Mail Handler Checks the User Permission


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      The way mail handler works is that the Default Reporter will only be used when the user who sent the email is anonymous. If the user is a JIRA user, the default reporter will be taken over by the JIRA user who sent the email. Thus, it is an expected behaviour that a JIRA user who does not have a permission on the project won't be able to create an issue on that specific project. This is due to the fact that JIRA will check the JIRA user's permission first before proceeding to process the email. Unlike with anonymous users, there's no such checking and just simply proceed to use the default reporter.


      It would be better if the mail handler uses the following logic:

      1. Is user known in JIRA?

      • YES go to step 2
      • NO use default reporter

      2. Has user access to the project?

      • YES set user as reporter
      • NO use default reporter

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