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Issue Created or Issue Updated events are not trapped when importing issues using CSV External System Import


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.


      There're 2 ways to import issues into JIRA using CSV:

      1. Bulk Create, accessible from the page Issues > Import issues from CSV
      2. CSV External System Import, accessible from the page ⚙ > System > External system import > CSV

      The basic differences between these 2 are:

        Bulk Create CSV External System Import
      JIRA Action Is a Create action performed by any user - similar to clicking the Create button and creating an issue normally Is an Import action performed by JIRA Admins only
      Admin Permissions JIRA Admin permissions not required JIRA Admin permissions required
      Issue Statuses Issues are created newly and take the initial status in the workflow they're created with Issues can be imported into any available status in the workflow they're associated with
      Issue Event Issue Created event is guaranteed to be fired No event is fired as it's impossible to predict which events are going to be involved

      Due to this:

      • If Bulk Create is used, Issue Created event is fired which triggers WebHooks that listen on this event
      • If CSV External System Import is used, Issue Created event, or, if updating existing issue, Issue Updated event,  are NOT fired thus WebHooks / plugin / Automation for Jira/ etc  listening on this event won't be triggered


      Add the ability to fire events when issues are imported using CSV External System Import.


      For Issue Created event, use Bulk Create instead.

       Bulk Create has more limited features than CSV External System Import.


      Original Description

      Issue Created Event is not triggered when issue are created using CSV import.

      This makes it impossible to trigger notifications or webhooks for issues created from CSV.

      I am createing an plugins which send and notification to our tool whenever an Issue is created. We are unable to trapped the Issue Created Event at the time of CSV import.

      Even We are unable to distict the issue which are created using CSV import.

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