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Issue Created Event is not fired when creating issues using CSV External System Import


      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.


      The issue Created Event is not triggered when issue are created from CSV using External System Import (documentation: importing data from csv). The issue updated event is fired instead.

      This makes it impossible to trigger automation rules, notifications or webhooks for issues created this way.

      When bulk creating issues from CSV  (documentation: create issues using the csv importer) the issue created event is correctly fired.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Webhook that fires on issue_created and issue_updated events and send the data to beeceptor, webhooks.site, postbin, or other similar tools
      2. Bulk create some issues from CSV (create issues using the csv importer)
      3. See that you have correctly received the issue_created Webhook
      4. Now repeat the test using External System Import instead (importing data from csv)

      Expected Results

      The issue_created webhook is received

      Actual Results

      The issue_updated webhook is received instead.


      This happens because the CSV External System Import is firing the issue updated event instead of the issue created event. The issue can also be reproduced using notifications or automation rules configured to be triggered on issue_updated event.

      From original description:

      I am creating an plugins which send and notification to our tool whenever an Issue is created. We are unable to trapped the Issue Created Event at the time of CSV import.

      Even We are unable to distinct the issue which are created using CSV import.


      For Issue Created event, use Bulk Create instead.

       Bulk Create has more limited features than CSV External System Import

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