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Can't open exported CSV in Microsoft Excel





      Exported CSV file from JIRA with issues that contain multi-line description can't be properly imported into Microsoft Excel.
      Only way to open CSV files with multi-lines in Microsoft Excel is to do so with "Open" option, which doesn't recognize UTF-8 encoding and can expect different separator than comma (,) depending on region set in operating system.

      CSV export from JIRA currently can't be customized. It is always encoded in UTF-8 and has separators fixed to comma (,).


      • Tested with Microsoft Excel 2016 for MacOS 10.11.1
      • JIRA 7.3.0

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create new issue that has:
        • Multi-line description
        • Some regional characters (e.g. žéíýšáčúřÚňěČąęćśźżłóń) in description or summary
      2. From the issue navigator, export the issue to a CSV file (e.g. Export > CSV (All fields))
      3. Case 1:
        • Open CSV in Microsoft Excel 2016.
      4. Case 2:
        • Import CSV into Microsoft Excel 2016
          • Select delimited columns
          • Select UTF-8 as encoding
          • Select comma as delimiter

      Expected result

      In at least one case Excel should show data in proper cells while rendering correctly all of regional characters.

      Actual result

      Case 1: Data will go to proper cells if region in operating system is set to one that uses commas as delimiter in CSV. UTF-8 encoding is always not recognized.

      Case 2: New lines in multi-lined text split rows making data go to improper cells


      Workaround 1

      Open CSV file in other spreadsheet software (e.g. LibreOffice or Google Spreadsheets) and export it to XLS or XLSX file

      Workaround 2

      1. At the beginning of the CSV file put
      1. Use some external tool to change file's encoding to some that would be recognized by Excel
      2. Open new file directly into Excel

      Workaround 3

      1. Open the CSV file with Notepad (default text editor in Windows)
      2. Click File -> Save as -> Ensure Encoding is UTF-8 -> Save
      3. Open the new file with Excel

      Alternative solutions

      Plug-in Better Excel Plugin provides native Excel export via XLSX files.


      Exported CSV does not display properly in Excel that contains non-English characters


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