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The Header overlaps over the dialog boxes





      In JIRA 7.0.8, headers dialogs within JIRA overlap large dialog boxes.


      Customers using JIRA 7.0.8 will be affected by this issue and see the broken UI.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Accessing JIRA and using large dialogs/modal in JIRA such as Create Issue, Log Work will demonstrate this behaviour as per the screenshot below.

      Expected Results

      The Modals / dialogs should be displayed without overlapping.

      Actual Results

      Dialogs in the User Interface appear broken as per the attached screenshot.


      JIRA 7.0.8 has been removed from the available downloads, and is not recognised as a released version on https://marketplace.atlassian.com due to this bug.


      If you have upgraded to JIRA 7.0.8, you can either Roll back your Instance to a previous version as per: Roll back a JIRA application upgrade otherwise Downgrade your JIRA instance using the steps below:

      1. Make a full backup of your environment as in: Backing up data
      2. Ensure JIRA 7.0.8 instance is shutdown.
      3. Install JIRA 7.0.5 into this environment, but not into the same JIRA Install as your 7.0.8 as this will not work.
      4. Shutdown the JIRA 7.0.5 instance once it has started.
      5. Any customisations and data that you have in your JIRA 7.0.8 environment should be migrated to ensure that your JIRA 7.0.5 has these configurations.
        1. Copy over any configuration changes that you have made as per our Upgrading JIRA applications with a fallback method.
        2. Copy over Avatars and attachments to your new instance as in Upgrading JIRA applications with a fallback method.
        3. Migrate any installed-plugins that you would like to install into this JIRA 7.0.5 environment. Note: do not migrate the plugins from your 7.0.8 environment, as this will contain 7.0.8 Add-ons that you should not include.
      6. Set the flag -Djira.downgrade.allowed=true as per: Setting properties and options on startup
      7. Start JIRA 7.0.5
      8. When asked for connection information to the database, point to the 7.0.8 JIRA database (if you did not copy the dbconfig.xml file when copying configuration files.)
      9. The instance should now start and downgrade the JIRA database data. The JIRA version should be reported as 7.0.5.

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue or the workaround provided, please contact Atlassian Support.


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