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"Filter Results" gadget should display the issues as ordered in the Saved Filter by the owner of the filter





      The dashboard-owner are changing the default sort order of this gadget for everyone who uses the dashboard.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Do the same steps for JIRA 6.1.4 and JIRA 6.4.11 :

      1. Login to JIRA as admin
      2. Add "Filter Results" gadget in dashboard
      3. Choose one of the saved filter and Save.
      4. Go to Issue > Search for Issue > Click on the Filter added in the step 2
      5. Try change the Filter configuration by changing the order of the issue: Eg: ORDER BY assignee ASC
      6. Save the filter
      7. Click on the Dashboard , try to change the order by clicking on any of the header in the gadget .
      8. Go to other pages and come back to Dashboard page again.
      8. Check if the order of the "Filter Results" gadget is same with the one configured in the Filter in step 5.

      For version 6.1.4:
      The order of the item in the "Filter Results" gadget ordered based on the Saved Filter and the order is maintained even after tried to change the order , go to other pages , then come back to the Dashboard Page.This is the expected and default behaviour of the filter

      For version 6.4.11:
      The "Filter Results" gadget display the issue order based on the last action performed by the admin which is by clicking on the header of the gadget and is not following as configured in the Saved Filter.

      Expected Results

      The order of the item in the "Filter Results" gadget should depend and show as in the order of the Saved Filter by the owner of the filter.

      Actual Results

      When the owner of the shared-dashboard clicks on one of the column headings in the table, JIRA will re-sort the table by that column, and this will then become the default sort order of that dashboard.
      When a different user now loads that dashboard, it will be sorted by the column that the owner clicked on. In contrast, if a different user (not the owner) clicks on a column heading, the table will only be temporary re-sorted.


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