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When reporter differs from creator, the creator should be recorded in change history



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      Atlassian Status as of 3rd December 2013

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks so much for your votes and comments on this feature request.

      Good news, Everyone. Your waiting is about to end.

      Even though we had no plans to put the work related to this feature on our short term roadmaps, the solution was implemented as a result of "20% projects" effort and is currently being tested. You can read about our "20% projects" here: Life at Atlassian.

      The plan is to make this feature available with the next release of JIRA, which is targeted for the first quarter of calendar year 2014.

      Thanks for your patience and we hope you appreciate our open approach to feature requests.


      Roy Krishna & Bartek Gatz
      roy (at) atlassian (dot) com & bartek (at) atlassian (dot) com
      JIRA Product Managers

      Original request description:

      When a user creates an issue and sets the reporter to someone else, there is no record in the issue of who originally created the issue. We should record the actual reporter in the changelog.


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