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Logging work sends email even if not configured in notification scheme


      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Atlassian Status as of 11 December 2014

      Hi everyone,

      We expect a fix for this issue to be released in early January for both JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server.

      We will update the current behavior to remove the association between Issue Worklogs and the Issue Updated event. This should resolve the problem originally described in this issue.

      As I mentioned in my previous update, improving events and email notifications is part of the current JIRA roadmap. A number of you have indicated that there are existing challenges you face with JIRA email notifications beyond this issue. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions – feel free to contact me directly.

      Product Manager - JIRA Platform

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Remove all log work notification
        • This is verified by the Notification Helper
      2. Have the user create an issue (PROA-4 in my test)
      3. As an admin, log work on the issue

      Expected Results

      • No email notification received by reporter

      Actual Results

      • Email is sent to reporter


      • When no notification is configured to send for work logged, email says Admin updated an issue
      • When work logged is configured to send notification, email says Admin added a worklog

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