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Remote link to unrestricted confluence pages or spaces fails for JIRA users who do not have login credentials for confluence




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Setup JIRA and Confluence installations with mostly similar user base, but having some JIRA users who cannot log in to confluence.
        Fastest way to do this is setting up confluence to use JIRA as a user server.
        A natural user case is scenario where confluence license user tier is lower than JIRA.
      2. In confluence Global Permissions grant anonymous 'Use' permission.
      3. Create a confluence space with anonymous 'View' permission, and create an unrestricted page in this space
      4. Login to JIRA with a user that doesn't have credentials to log on to confluence #* try to find the page or space created in the previous step.
        • From a service desk with a configured Knowledge Base, type in text contained in the Confluence space or page, while trying to raise a Request.

      Expected Results
      Since this space and Confluence global permission has granted anonymous view access, and this same users can actually view the same content by accessing confluence directly without needing to log-on to confluence, the content should be available to them when logged-on to JIRA.

      Actual Results

      • None of this anonymously accessible confluence content is available in either JIRA or Service Desk to logged-in JIRA users who don't have login credentials to JIRA.
      • Only JIRA users who belong to groups that are specifically added to the 'can use' permission in Confluence, can see all the content granted to anonymous users.


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