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Inactive users cannot Create Issue via Email when Default Reporter is set to an Active User


      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a new POP/IMAP mail server.
      2. Add incoming Mail Handler using the new created Mail Server.
      3. Set the "Default Reporter" to an active account/user and save.
      4. Sent a test email by using Inactive User email address to the Mail Server.

      Expected Results:
      The issue will be created, because JIRA should be only using the Default Reporter User/Account to create the Issue, ignoring the Inactive User email address same as an Unregistered Email.

      Actual Results:
      The issue is not created, throwing this error in the logs:

       2014-01-14 17:58:14,040 WARN [Mail Aliases] QuartzScheduler_Worker-1 ServiceRunner    a a[10100]: Reporter (xxxx@xxxx.com) does not have permission to create an issue. Message rejected. 

      The issue have been tested with an Unregistered Emails that are sending out email to the Mail Server, yet the issue is created because it uses the Default Reporter account

       2014-01-14 17:00:20,055 INFO [Mail Aliases] QuartzScheduler_Worker-0 ServiceRunner    a Sender(s) [unreg_email@xxxx.com] not registered in JIRA. Using configured default reporter 'xxxxx'. 

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