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Automatically include attachment link in attachment comment


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      I would like to re-open this issue as the current behaviour seems counterintuitive.

      If Jira want to support it's use as a ticketting tool, then this is clearly something that would add value to Jira.

      In some cases users go to great length to create emails that contain multiple screenshots to document their case. Yet Jira decouples the images from the email content and adds them as attachment.
      Since the email handler creates the attachments from the received email (and thus knows the filenames of all created attachments) it can easily insert these filenames in the comment or description it creates from the email.

      In this way the issues created through email do not loose their meaning as they sometimes do now.

      — original text from cloned issue —

      Comments left when attaching a file are usually specifically for that attachment. The way Jira separates the attachment from the comment on the ticket is confusing and many times makes the comment less effective. I've started to make it a habit to always include a link to the attachment at the beginning of my comment to maintain the connection between the two (using the [^attachment.ext] syntax).

      Is there any way to make this a default behavior for all attachment comments? In other words, make the final comment a concatenation of "attachment link" and "attachment comment". For example:

      Here's a screenshot of the issue I'm seeing.

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