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Add the ability to define the "jira.i18n.description" property in JIRA workflow transition


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      In JIRA Resolve Issue or Close Issue transition screen, we can see the following message appears in the screen:

      Looking at the workflow transition configuration in JIRA UI, users are not able to find the source of the message in the transition screen. However if we look at the workflow .xml file, the message is actually controlled by the following property and the message is coming from JIRA i18n file:

      <meta name="jira.i18n.description">resolveissue.desc.line1</meta>

      However if we try to add the jira.i18n.description property directly in a workflow transition in JIRA UI, user will get the following error:

      Hence, the only way for user to add the property is to modify the workflow .xml file manually.

      It will be great if users are able to add the jira.i18n.description property directly from JIRA workflow transition properties configuration.

      Sample use case: user may have created a new workflow with a new set of screen, and would like to add the message on their own custom screen on the custom workflow.

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