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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      I'm considering moving from Podio to JIRA. I'd like to note that Podio is horrible at a lot of things that JIRA is excellent at, however there are two things that makes Podio very useful that JIRA does not have. One of those things is the Notification Center

      Basically, I don't want to check my email for new updates to JIRA. I want all those updates to be piled up in a notification center, kind of like how Facebook does it. I don't want to have to refresh the screen. I don't even want to have to switch to the tab to find out if there are any new notifications for me.

      1) When a ticket is assigned to me, or when I am @mentioned in a comment, or when a ticket that is assigned to me gets updated or commented on, I want a notification.
      2) I want the notification to appear automatically in a little box along the top bar of the page (an icon with a number over it). I don't want to have to refresh the page in order to see if I have new notifications.
      3) I want the number of unacknowledged notifications I have to appear in the title of the page, so that I can be browsing in other tabs and still be aware of when a new notification comes in.
      4) I want everything to be very simple; I don't want to have to click multiple times to acknowledge a notification to make it go away. Simply clicking once on the notification and viewing it should be enough.
      5) I want a backlog of my notification history.
      6) When I click on the notification, I want to be taken to the item that triggered it.


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