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"Log work" ignores decimal separator




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Atlassian Update – 18-Dec-2018

      Hello everyone!

      Since this bug report was originally raised a while ago, and for a version of Jira that is no longer supported, we performed tests to validate the scenario and found that in Jira 7.3.9 (currently the minimum version supported) as well as in the latest Jira 7.13

      The behavior provided is that the decimal separator applied will be the one corresponding to the language that the user has set in the user profile. For example, if you change the user profile to Deutsch (profile-language.PNG), the decimal separator will be "," (comma) and the dot will be the digit group separator (or thousands separator) which is simply ignored; logging work for "1,5h" (one, comma, five) will result in 1 hour, 30 minutes and if the same user changes his language to English or Spanish( both use dot as decimal separator), the same "1,5h" will result in 15 hours (see example: logged work.PNG). The limitation of this behavior is that the decimal separator is tied to the language.

      Now that the expected behavior is explained, we will close this bug report as obsolete and since we see value in the possibility of having the decimal separator being configurable so we have created a Feature request JRASERVER-68599 Allow configuring decimal separator.

      In case you have additional scenarios where this behavior is inconsistent, please raise a support request for our support team to analyze and determine the next steps.

      Best regards,
      René Chiquete - JAC Champion.

      When using the "Log work" feature, Jira will ignore comma as decimal separator, thus "7,5" is registered as "75".
      If this situation is not caught before the next day, the burndown chart will look very inacurate and have reduced value.

      I would like to see such input either accepted as decimal separator OR treated as an invalid input.

      Step to reproduce:

      1. install JIRA
      2. set the default language to English
      3. create issue and log work using "7,5h"
      4. (bug) 75 hours will be logged into the issue

      Desirable result: 7.5 hours to be logged on or JIRA throws ERROR indicating invalid input


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