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Performance improvement: Don't show Archived versions by default on the Jira Version management screen


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      After 9 years of development in our Jira 'TRI' Project, we have more than 1200 versions in total, from which 940 archived. With this long list, it becomes very time consuming to Release, Archive, Unarchive or Delete versions, as it has to be done one by one, while it gets slower and slower because of the number of versions.

      The essence of the problem with the Jira Version management functionality is the bad performance with about 1200 versions (or more) in the database. I make the assumption this has to do with the fact that all (>1200) versions are retreived, every time one action (release, archive, unarchive, edit, delete) is done. Moreover, on the project overview screen, just the top 15 version are shown as read-only, and a seperate link to view them all.

      The solution I propose is simple; just adding an option (Boolaan, checkbox) on the Jira Version Management screen, someting like 'Show archived versions' (default on No).When this option is No (false), the Archived versions are not retreived after every action, and not (default) shown on the Version Management page. I expect this will largely increase the performance of this functionality.

      Kind regards,
      Hans Brouwer
      Triodos Bank NV

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