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Only users with Jira System Administrator privileges should be able to re-index



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      In the last 3 weeks, we've had 3 separate individuals who are members of the Jira-administrators group carry out a re-index accidentally.
      They did so through the notification dialog that appears in all admin screen after making a change that requires a re-index.

      We've got 3 jira system admins, and about 10 jira admins.
      We've tried to educate people on why they should not hit the re-index button, but the fact that the warning is present on all admin screens means people are more prone to inadvertently clicking it.

      So I propose two possible solutions:
      1. The re-index permission should only be granted to users in the jira systems admins group
      2. The notification for a re-index should only appear to Jira system administrators.

      1 would be great, 2 would be a reasonable compromise.

      Alternatively, if you guys could break out permissions for each of the admin tasks, so that Jira administrators could offer more granularity, that would be fantastic. Most of the time, we grant people Jira admin permission because they need user/group permissions. They don't need any of the other permissions that being a jira-admin grants.


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