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Add sort capabililty in the Road Map and Change Log screens



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      Due to limitations introduced by the new 'versions due' summary (refer to JRA-19741), we have had to reorganize our version list. This now causes the versions to be out of order in the 'road map' and 'change log' summary screens (see attached).

      A possible option would be introduction of sort order in both of these screens by either Version or Due Date (or both). And, if sorting is enabled, then an option for system default. Or, simply addressing the item discussed in JRA-19741 would allow us to put our version list back in the correct order and this anomaly will resolve naturally except for the fact that we would like to see the native behavior to be:

      • Road Map sorted by due date
      • Change Log sorted by version.

      I am attaching the Road Map screenshot that shows the versions out of order. For reference, our complete version list is attached to JRA-19741.


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