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Customizable Issue View Screen Layout



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Problem Definition

      Currently, the issue view screen is showing in sections and the custom fields are grouped under Details or People section. In some cases, we would like to reorder the section which is not possible in JIRA.

      Suggested Solution

      • Allow the ability to reposition the section based on user's needs.

      Why this is important

      In some cases, customer needs to reorder the section based on the usage. For example:

      • Description section which describe the issue is preferable to place on the first section.
      • Customer links the issues a lot and it is preferable to reorder the Issue Links section, else customer has to scroll down those issue links to be able to view the regular screens.


      Note: Please comment to add in different scenarios

      Original Request

      "Image/File Attachments" and "Issu Links" section appears on top of regular issue screens in the view issue layout. We use issue linking a lot, and sometimes we have more than 300 issues those link to a single issue and this means we have to scroll down those 300 issue links to be able to view the regular screens.It would be great if we can play around with the issue view screen sections layout just like we can do for portlets on dashboard.


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