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Easy way of linking from one comment to another



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      Our team recently migrated from Bugzilla to JIRA and now we are missing a nice little feature of our bugzilla clunker.

      When writing a comment on an issue in Bugzilla it is possible to refer to another issue or even to a specific comment of another issue or to a another comment of the same issue by writing:

      There is something remarkable in bug1234comment2 to consider...

      This becomes ("There is something remarkable in bug1234comment2 to consider...") a link to comment #2 of ticket 1234.

      Or even shorter:

      ...as said in comment3 we have to...

      This becomes ("...as said in comment3 we have to...") a link to comment #3 of the same ticket as the new comment.

      One part of this feature is already available, JIRA does create links when it detectes a issue key within a comment. But for linking to another comment i have to use a cumbersome 'Permalink'.

      It is a little bit hard to explain the usage of permalinks to the users when they are used to the easy way of linking offered by Bugzilla. I (as JIRA admin) had been asked to add comment numbers to all comments so it would be possible to refer to other comments by their number.


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