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Use progress indicator for Integrity Checker to avoid a reverse-proxy timing out the request



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Couldn't seem to find a similar case so creating a new one.

      We should use a progress bar similar to the reindex functionality for long running tasks such as running the integrity checker rather than just hanging and letting the browser potentially time out the connection.

      It would be a better experience all around because you can then see that something is happening.


      Access JIRA directly on a non-proxy connector, for example using the backdoor connector in Integrating JIRA with Apache, as this will not be timed out.

      Some of the integrity checks can be run manually as queries directly in the Database: SQL Equivalents for Jira Integrity Checks. (Not all checks have one-line SQL equivalents.)

      A couple more heavier check have had manual check steps documented on this article: SQL equivalents for Jira's Integrity Check for Issue Relations

      • The other checks besides these should be significantly lighter and you're likely to be able to run them individually without running into timeout issues.


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