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auto create user on login - with LDAP authentication


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      Since we didn't find solution for auto create user on login , while using LDAP authentication, I wrote a small feature to do that

      The feature is auto create user on login
      User will be created only if the user exists in LDAP.
      The algorithm is like that:

      If user already Exist in Jira continue as usual, nothing changed
      If user don't exist in Jira create the user (add him to jira-users and jira-developers and autocreated-users group and also set his mail (hard coded : username@amdocs.com), autocreated-users group will be created if not exist )
      on LDAP authentication: check if user exist in LDAP
      if user not exist in LDAP delete it
      authenticate the user in LDAP
      user logged in

      In order to implement this feature (by the way it was tested on Jira 3.6 only), I attached zip file with sources and classes
      extract the com.zip file and put the sub directories under : [jira installation]\WEB-INF\classes\com

      We find it very useful, hope it will be included in Jira future versions
      Meir Ivgi

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