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      Atlassian Status as of 7th Sep 2017

      Hi all,

      We're excited to announce that the ability to split issue is available in JIRA Software 7.5 starting from today!
      We really appreciate your patience with this feature request, and apologize for our silence on the matter. We also appreciate the insights in this thread - it helped a ton in the design and prioritization of split issue.

      Merging issues is really a separate feature request which we'll prioritise independently and is tracked in JRASERVER-3592. In hindsight we should have separated the two a long time ago, but we promise we will use all the comments around resolutions from this suggestion in the design of the feature, so no need to put the same comments, just make sure to vote and watch the issue! We will provide further updates in there.

      As we've mentioned before, our Cloud and Server deployment options are now on separate roadmaps (read more here), but split issue is a great example of a new feature shipped in cloud, that was popular and prioritized with server customers, that we have brought into server.

      JIRA Software 7.5 is now available to download so you can start planning your upgrade straight away!
      Learn more in our release notes.

      Jakub Lazinski
      Product Manager, JIRA Server

      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      You have an issue and in time there are let's say 5 duplicates.
      You see all these issues in the lists and managing them all can be a bit frustrating.
      Maybe we need a merge button so we can merge the duplicate(s) with the original and close the duplicate(s) all with one click

      If I say merge then you automagically think of a split issue option to. (create 2 or more subtasks for the original issue with some sort of split wizard)


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