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Add permission type Create Sub-Tasks ( better: Create Sub-Issues )


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It became a best practice to define a feature request, improvements etc. as a parent issue and
      to break down the implementation tech details into sub-tasks.

      Unfortunately, everybody with permission Create Issues is able to create sub-tasks.

      There is no way for project lead to enforce a

      • "How to create a sub-task" policy

      It's very time time-consuming to review every issue and to decide the right type (parent or sub-task).
      This leads to all the feature requests like JRA-5410, JRA-5617 and JRA-5869.

      My improvement request: please add a new permission type

      • Create Sub-Tasks

      Based on this improvement, a project lead will be able decide whom to give the permission
      to create sub-tasks (e.g. to experienced team members), and not give (e.g. customers, etc.)

      And together with JRA-5410 and JRA-5617, it becomes a wonderful housekeeping toolset for pro project leads.

      BTW, please consider to rename sub-task to sub-issues to become more consistent - check JRA-6923.

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