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Resolution not displayed unless the page is reloaded



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      Issue Summary

      In the new issue view, mostly in newly created subtasks, the resolution is not displayed beside the status when the issue is transitioned. With tasks and stories, the issue seems to be intermittent.

      The issue is happening for both company-managed and team-managed projects, only in the new issue view.

      Steps to Reproduce

      *Considering your workflow for company-managed projects has a Done status that sets the resolution:

      1. Go to any task or story
      2. Create a new subtask
      3. Click to open the new subtask
      4. Transition the subtask to any done status 

      Expected Results

      • The status should be updated
      • The resolution date should be shown on the right bottom of the page
      • The resolution should be displayed beside the status

      Actual Results

      • The status is updated
      • The resolution date is shown on the right bottom of the page 
      • The resolution is not displayed beside the status


      Refresh the page or go to another issue and go back to the original one.


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